Audi - A4 08-12  ( B8 )

Audi - A4 08-12 ( B8 )

Brand: SONAR
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SONAR Lighting and its advantages
All of SONAR’s products are developed for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) fitment. SONAR projector headlights plug directly into the headlight wiring harness feeding the current headlights. Thus, this setup makes for a simple and straightforward installation.
With SONAR Lighting installed, there is accurate light dispersal thanks to the elliptical reflectors in the housing design that ensures a focused beam, cutting down on ‘scatter loss’ on the road.
As compared to standard OEM lighting, SONAR Lighting lends a stylish and elegant look to the vehicle, enhancing its overall appearance.
As the traditional parabolic reflector style of headlight began to give ground to newer lighting technologies, projector headlight design became part of the set of headlight options that make use of lens positioning to provide great setups for night driving.
SONAR Lighting is safer and brighter than regular headlights - ideal for replacing old and dull headlights which also makes a vehicle look unsightly. There is also warranty coverage against manufacturing defects for up to 12 months.
There is a wide variety of lighting products in SONAR’s lineup. All SONAR headlights, taillights, third brake lights, bumper and corner lights are specifically designed for all vehicle makes and models so consumers can rest assured that there is a suitable product for every vehicle.
More importantly, there are ongoing promotions for SONAR lighting, from 10 percent to 30 percent off selected items only.

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