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OWS Uber Power NA Racing is specially formulated for high revving NA engines. Tested & proven under racing conditions in national track facilities in Germany to produce more horsepower and less wear. 

Performance Features

  • Excellent oil temperature & pressure control
  • Substantial reduction in mechanical friction to save fuel
  • Gives increased horsepower & torque
  • Protects engine from wear
  • Only racing oil that can handle drag track, rally and races

New formulation: Based on various feedback we obtained from customers over the past 3 years and from our own improvement program we developed the new version of the racing oils from scratch again. This is because the old additive formulations would not have allowed us to achieve the performance and friction reduction goals we set for the new oils. The new oils are built using a totally new technology based on nano-technology and have allowed OWS to achieve the high performance goals we set. With the new oils, Users will experience further friction reduction and wear protection by up to 60% over the old formula. The result is which regular NA/ Turbo racing oil users will experience an even quieter and smoother engines which gives more effortless feeling and more hp when they rev their engine.

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